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Comprehensive Primary Care

Now Accepting New Patients

Together with Humana, we are creating inclusive, welcoming Primary Care Centers that give the most to our patients. From personalized care to state-of-the-art facilities - we want our members to have the best healthcare possible.

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Our Story

Your primary care provider (PCP) is your medical home base. You see this person for most of your care needs, like regular checkups, preventive screenings, and non-emergency illnesses. Your PCP practices general medicine, which considers your whole health and wellness. As you age, your health needs may become more complex, or you could develop chronic conditions, which means you may need to visit the doctor more frequently. PCPs, coordinate your care with support staff and specialists to ensure your care is comprehensive, personal, and proactive.

We have been practicing Value-based care since its inception. We hold ourselves to higher standards so our patients can get the best care possible. We are proud to be welcomed to Englewood and will continue to serve our beautiful community! 

Meet The Team

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